Panopto is a video content management software application that is often used in E-learning environments.  Panopto provides us with the ability to capture lectures, screen cast, and stream professional-grade video.  The School of Law utilizes Panopto to asynchronously capture all of our live courses (upon the professor’s request) for student review at a later date and time. Currently students do not receive Panopto accounts unless the professor request access for a specific assignment.  Generally, professors distribute  hyperlinks to any of their course recordings. These are some of the capabilities of Panopto.

  • Record audio and video,
  • Capture video feeds from any camera and any screen — even multiple feeds simultaneously,
  • Securely centralize and stream video, create playlists, and optimize playback,
  • Search within a video or across your entire video library for any word spoken or used within a video recording,
  • Broadcast to ten viewers or ten thousand, with one-click and
  • Manage and measure viewer engagement.