Academic Policies

Program Learning Objectives

These program learning outcomes (PLOs) are centered on the overall faculty goal that students should not just know the material, they should be able to apply what they know. This is central to the Law School’s emphasis on producing graduates who are immediately ready to practice. The PLOs reflect the ability, knowledge, and skills students will possess upon graduation. Each instructor is encouraged to highlight specific learning outcomes in the syllabus of each course established by the instructor.

310 Credit Hour Policy

38 310 Compliance Policy NCCU for Approval of Law Schools requires law schools to “adopt, publish, and adhere to written policies and procedures for determining the credit hours that it awards for coursework.”  Additionally, Standard 310 sets forth the amount of in-class and out-of-class work that is required for students to earn a credit hour.  The policy is attached to explain how credit hours are determined for various courses.