Study Rooms

Study rooms

The school of law has study rooms throughout the four floors of the building.  Our students have access to the study rooms anytime during the building open for business hours.  Our students find these study rooms invaluable and utilize them for group and individual study time. Students are required to reserve these rooms in advance.



NCCU’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department and the School of Law has identified a suite of collaborative technology.

This suite includes:

  • A Computer
  • Video & Teleconferencing capabilities
  • A DVD/VCR player
  • A Document Camera
  • Internet Access (wired/wireless)
  • A SmartBoard
  • Reinforced Audio

Meeting Rooms

Telepresence Room

NCCU School of Law utilizes Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence. By utilizing this one of a kind technology, NCCU Law ITS can provide a natural meeting experience. Whether the participants are standing, walking or seated, the experience is life like. Additionally, the Telepresence Room houses our standard suite of collaborative technology.

Great Hall

The Great Hall is one of the most versatile gathering spaces within the Law School. The Great Hall features the standard suite of collaborative technology as well as a lectern which is the nexus of all of the technology available. The Great Hall can utilize both wired and wireless audio technology, thus ensuring sound that is distinct and clear.

Technology Enhanced Courtrooms

Courtrooms are increasingly using technology to assist the prosecution and defense with the presentation of information and evidence in a case. These courtrooms house the standard suite of collaborative technology.

Virtual Classrooms

The ITS Department of NCCU School of Law has created classrooms without walls. From the virtual classrooms, professors are able to deliver content to a host of 32 students. The uniqueness of the Virtual Classrooms at NCCU School of Law is that each student has an interactive classroom experience with their professor and classmates, thus taking the education experience to another level. Professors who utilize the virtual classrooms have at their disposal the standard suite of collaborative technology.

Seminar Rooms

All seminar rooms at NCCU School of Law feature the standard suite of collaborative technology; thus making the rooms multi-functional.