Social Justice &
Racial Equity Institute

The Social Justice and Racial Equity Institute (SJREI) is a community research initiative of North Carolina Central University School of Law.
The mission of the Social Justice and Racial Equity Institute (SJREI) is to address systemic racism and other forms of inequality through interdisciplinary problem solving that addresses the legacy of racial injustice and advances a just and prosperous society for all people.



The Social Justice and Racial Equity Institute (SJREI) hosted its official launch gala on April 15, 2023. The gala brought together city, state and community leaders, elected officials, social justice advocates and legal experts committed to working together in advancing equity, civil rights, and racial justice.

About the Speaker
Irving L. Joyner has worked as a professor at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law since 1982. From 1984 to 1992, he served as the Associate Dean of NCCU School of Law. He teaches courses in criminal law, criminal procedure, civil rights, and race and the law. As a faculty member, he serves on several law school and university committees. A leading expert on civil rights, race and the law, Joyner was selected as the Charles Hamilton Houston Endowed Chair in 2021. Recently, he was among the 2023 honorees recognized during Black History Month by N.C. Governor Roy Cooper for his critical work in the legal field and justice system.

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