Office Hours:
Monday through Friday,
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  1. North Carolina Central University School of Law’s Office for Career and Professional Development offers selective use of its facilities to students and graduates of ABA-accredited law schools that permit individuals affiliated with NCCU School of Law to use their facilities.
  1. Requests for reciprocity may only be made to one law school in the North Carolina “Triangle” area. (i.e. Duke, University of North Carolina, and Campbell)
  1. Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing by a career services representative from the requestor’s school. Please ensure that the letter of request contains or attaches a statement of the reciprocity services available from the requesting school. Such requests must be made at least two weeks prior to any visit to the NCCU School of Law’s Office for Career and Professional Development. No walk-in requests shall be honored.

Requests should be addressed to:

Office of Career and Professional Development
North Carolina Central Univ. School of Law
Turner Law Building
640 Nelson Street
Office of Career Services – Suite 160
Durham, North Carolina 27707

FAX: 919. 530. 7332

  1. If reciprocity is granted, the NCCU School of Law’s Office for Career and Professional Development will generate an approval letter. Once approved, the person seeking reciprocity may contact the Office for Career and Professional Development and schedule an appointment. This approval letter must be presented at NCCU School of Law on each visit to the Office for Career and Professional Development.
  1. Reciprocity is granted for a period of three (3) months commencing on the date of the approval letter. An applicant may make a renewal request; however, its grant shall be at the Assistant Dean’s discretion and only one renewal may be granted in an academic year.
  1. The services supplied to reciprocity recipients include electronic access to job announcements posted in Symplicity and the use of the resource library. There is no access to on-campus interviews or other interview programs or school-based job fairs.  These reciprocity privileges are reviewed individually and granted at the discretion of the Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development who retains authority to limit or revoke these privileges.
  1. Reciprocity recipients who apply for positions found through or posted with the NCCU School of Law’s Office for Career and Professional Development should mention this source of the job opening in their cover letter to prospective employers.
  1. Reciprocity shall not, under any circumstances, apply to on-campus interviewing and resume collections. The reciprocity recipient is also not permitted to use the Office’s printers, fax machines and telephones.
  1. Reciprocity is generally unavailable from August 1 to December 1 and January 1 through March 31.
  1. Individuals who misuse the facilities or services will be denied further access and the requesting school will receive notification of the termination of reciprocity.
  1. North Carolina Central University School of Law reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, to modify the terms and conditions of its reciprocity policy.

Our Career Services and Professional Development programs enhance the classroom learning and enable our students to be prepared for the job search whether it is for a summer internship, an externship, or the first job upon graduation from law school.  Our approach is to provide programs that fall along one of two major divisions—Career Education and Professional Development.

Our Career Education programs increase the knowledge base for careers in the law to including the practice of law and careers that are enhanced by a law degree.   Our Professional Development programs seek to provide our students with the nuts and bolts of being a legal professional.  Key programming includes, interview preparedness, professional attire, networking, and resume and cover letter writing.  We encourage students to take advantage of these programs.

Programs include:

Career Education

Professional Development

JAG Career Fair (fall)

1L Career Services Orientation (mandatory)

Public Interest Career Fair (spring)

Professional Dress (men and women)

Clerkship Panel


International Law

Are You Interview Ready?

In-house Counsel Panel

Resume and Cover letter preparation

Our signature program, Pathways to Success, features NCCU Law Alumni who speak on a variety of topics that span Career Education and Professional Development.

We place an emphasis on professionalism through professional development programs, networking with legal professionals, appropriate interview and work attire and career information in order to help our students compete in the legal marketplace.  We also emphasize that our students must be accountable for their development as legal professionals.