Transitioning Into Law School

Student Health Insurance Program

Please note the following:

• Students are required to have health insurance to attend a UNC system school. Students with existing health insurance coverage can waive out of the school insurance plan.
• Students must enroll in or waive out of the coverage no later than September 12, 2016. Visit to start the process.
Students that do not submit an approved waiver, and have not enrolled themselves in the program, will be enrolled automatically.
• The estimated rate for the 2016-2017 Academic Year will be $1,111.00 per semester.
• Students who have existing family or individual coverage through another Blue Cross Blue Shield plan must complete the enrollment/waiver process as well. Students who are covered under a different health insurance plan are welcome to consider Student Blue.

For more information, please visit

Immunization Required Forms

Students enrolled in 4 or more credit hours of “On-Campus Classes” are required to submit the following immunizations:

• 2 doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella-childhood vaccines)
• 3 doses of DTP (diphtheria and tetanus-childhood vaccines)
• 1 T-dap (T-dap must be within the last 10 years)
• 3 doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine (childhood vaccines). This is only for students born 7/1/94 and after
• Students aged 50+ years ONLY need to submit a T-dap (T-dap must be within the last 10 years)

To input your immunization record online:
1. Click on
2. Enter your myeol username and password
3. Click on immunization-enter dates for each immunization
4. Click submit
5. Click on forms
6. Complete your NCCU Medical Form
7. Submit

Please remember to fax (919-530-7969), email (Twanna Graham or mail (NCCU SHCS P.O. Box 19491, Durham, NC 27707) a hardcopy of your immunization record for verification. If you do not have access to a computer to enter your immunizations online use one of the above alternatives to submit.

NC Public Health Law requires that all students submit a complete immunization record. Students who are not in full compliance with this law will be dropped from their Fall 2016 classes on September 15, 2016. Please don’t let this happen to you.


• If you are ONLY taking “online” and “distance education” classes you do not need to submit an immunization record.
• If you are ONLY taking “evening classes” (5:00pm and after) you do not need to submit an immunization record.
• If you are ONLY a “weekend student” you do not need to submit an immunization record.

Please contact Twanna Graham, Medical Record Manager, if you meet any of these exclusions so that she can adjust your immunization status.


Final transcripts must be sent to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for inclusion in your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report by July 15th in order to allow for their 14 day processing time. Failure to submit all transcripts by this date could result in your admit decision being rescinded. Please note that the official transcripts from your Baccalaureate School need to show that your degree has been conferred.

Registration, and the First Day of Class

The School of Law Registrar, Ms. Carol Chestnut, will pre-register all First-Year Day and Evening students. Fall registration information, including class sections and meeting time information, will be accessible through your Banner account no later than July 29, 2016. Please do not contact the Office of the Law Registrar prior to this date with questions regarding fall registration. Class section information is subject to change prior to the first day of class, if necessary. Please keep this in mind when purchasing books for your fall courses. Also, please note that the Office of the Law Registrar does not complete enrollment verifications for first-year students until the first day of class. First-year students should plan to use their official acceptance letters from NCCU School of Law as proof of enrollment prior to the first day of class. Classes begin on Monday, August 15, 2016. First-Year Day courses are scheduled Monday-Friday, 8:00am through 4:00pm, typically with breaks between courses. First-Year Evening courses are scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30pm-9:30pm. Reading assignments for the first day of class will be posted during orientation.

Recommended Summer Reading

The following are all excellent sources of information about the legal system and the skills necessary for a successful law school career; however, you are NOT required to purchase any of these books.

1. Plain English for Lawyers, by Richard Wydick (5th ed. 2005) (ISBN 1594601518).
2. The Little Book on Legal Writing, by Alan L. Dworsky (1992) (ISBN 0837705606)
3. Law School Without Fear by Helen Shapo and Marshall Shapo (3rd ed. 2009)
4. Starting off Right in Law School by Carolyn J. Nygren (2nd ed. 2011) (ISBN 1594608253)
5. Navigating the First Year of Law School by Melissa Essary and G. Nick Herman (2016) ISBN 978-1-61163-957-5)

All of these books can be ordered online. They should also be available at local bookstores.

Transitioning Into Law School

In an effort to ensure that our students are adequately prepared to meet the rigorous demands of legal writing, students are strongly encouraged to purchase Core Grammar for Lawyers (CGL) and complete the pre-test and any recommended follow-up exercises during the summer months. CGL is an online, self-directed learning tool designed to help law students, pre-law students, paralegal professionals, and practicing attorneys acquire the grammar and punctuation skills that are prerequisites to successful legal writing. This year, the Legal Writing Program will be using CGL to strengthen the grammar and writing skills of our first-year DAY students. To that end, each entering day student will ultimately be required to purchase a one-year subscription to CGL as a part of his/her first-year legal writing course. This purchase will be optional for evening students. To get a head start, don’t wait until August. Get started now. You may purchase the subscription by clicking on the following link: All Day students will be required to complete the pre-test during Orientation.  (Failure to complete the required CGL tests and exercises results in a 1/3 letter grade reduction of a student’s final class grade.)

The Legal Writing Program will be posting other helpful tips on this page to prepare you for your legal writing course work this fall.  The Legal Writing Program encourages students to get a head start on reading during the summer before law school.  The required textbook is Legal Writing, (Third Edition), by Richard K. Neumann, Jr. & Sheila Simon (ISBN 9780735564244).  Additional recommended resources include:  Plain English for Lawyers, (Fifth Edition), by Richard Wydick (ISBN 9781594601514); Elements of Style, (Fourth Edition), by William Strunk, Jr. & E.G. White (ISBN 9780205309023); The Legal Writing Handbook, (Fifth Edition), by Laurel Oates & Anne Enquist (ISBN 9780735585188); and The Journey to Excellence in Legal Writing, by Pamela Newell & Timothy Peterkin (ISBN 9781609279677).

Here’s what some rising 2Ls had to say after completing their first year of Legal Writing courses:

“One thing I wish I had done before law school was take the time to understand that there is a huge difference between writing (in undergrad and graduate school) and legal writing.  I wish I had spent time looking over legal memos and motions so that it would have been easier to understand how legal writing classes are applicable in real life.  Once you begin taking the legal writing classes, things begin moving quickly and you are already overwhelmed by the time you realize how differently you will be expected to write.  Oh!  And the Core Grammar assignments!  Don’t wait until the semester starts to complete them!”  ~Kayla B.

“Take Core Grammar really, really seriously.”  ~Ahmed A.

“Know The Bluebook exists, and review it!  Go to a courthouse and review motions and memoranda from at least one case.”  ~Anonymous


The University does not offer on-campus housing to graduate students.  For suggestions on housing in and around the Durham area please go here –


Orientation is traditionally held during the week prior to the first day of class.  This year, orientation will be held from August 9th – 12th. The Orientation sessions are mandatory for all in-coming students so please make arrangements now to ensure your attendance. A final, daily orientation schedule, including information on where to report, where to park, etc., will be posted to the Law School website on July 1st.

We plan a very comprehensive week of orientation that will help prepare you as you embark upon your law school career.  Sessions will include, but are not limited to, available administrative services, technology at the Law School, an introduction to the legal system, case brief writing, professionalism, an overview of the Student Handbook, and student panel discussions.  During these sessions, you will be introduced to many tools that will help prepare you for your matriculation here.  In addition, you will have assignments that you must complete during orientation, some of which are essential in preparing you for your first day of class.  Also, please note that during orientation week, professional headshots will be taken and all students are expected to wear business suits for these pictures.

Orientation Summer Reading Book

All incoming students are asked to read Blood Done Sign My Name by Tim Tyson over the summer.  Published in 2004, Blood Done Sign My Name is an autobiographical work set in Oxford, NC in 1970 which examines the civil rights struggle in the south.  The discussion will be conducted in small groups during orientation and facilitated by upper class students.