Remembering Dean Browne C. Lewis

Dean Browne C. Lewis

January 27, 1962 – June 2, 2022

Attorney Browne C. Lewis
Accomplished Legal Scholar, and Mentor

NCCU School of Law family and friends join the family of Dean Browne C. Lewis in mourning a great loss. At the same time, we are thankful and grateful for being a part of Dean Lewis’ journey and life’s purpose. Her professional accomplishments are only exceeded by her compassion and thirst for justice, fairness and racial equity. Her zeal for excellence inspired students, faculty, staff and so many others across the country.

She was an influential accomplished legal scholar, attorney and author who inspired generations of lawyers and expanded opportunities for under-represented law students. Dean Lewis’ insights, unique and informed perspectives and courage helped shape and strengthen many institutions and advanced the cause of justice. Her commitment and dedication to mentoring and training law students and young lawyers and law professors created a legacy that will serve citizens, institutions and democracy for years to come.