Awards and Recognition

The Pro Bono Clinic at North Carolina Central University School of Law, in celebration of the commitment to “truth and service”, hereby recognizes the following students, attorneys, and partners for their diligent pro bono work during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Students who participated in pro bono service for the
2021-2022 year:

Hikmat Al-Chami
Shanne McPherson
Ashley Benefield
Marianna Mitchell
Shelley Brown
Ke’Aria Morgan
Cynthia Byrd
Grace Onuoma
Kaitlyn Chesney
Brianna Randolph
Annie DeHart
Alyssa Sanchez
Nicholas C. Derico
Dillon F. Sharpe
Sade Eubanks
Consuela Simmons
Olivia Fisher
Ajai Smith
Larry Futrell
Kenton T. Spencer
Brianna George
Christopher Stewart
Cherelle Griner*
DNiesha Sudduth
Brittany Hinson
Sasha Vann
Arielle James
Nya Williams
Adya Khanna
Mars Wood
Kjerstin Lewis
Chazle’ Woodley
Samantha Manning
Reginald Woods
Kaci Marks
Sacha Xavior

Students who performed more than 50 hours of pro bono service:

Cherelle Griner
Arielle James
Alyssa Sanchez
Dillon F. Sharpe
Chazle’ Woodley

Highest Pro Bono Honor Earner:

Cherelle Griner

Pro Bono Partnership Award:

Legal Aid of North Carolina, Durham Office

Supervising Attorney of the Year Award:

William “Bill” C. Moore

Total number of Pro Bono Hours for the 2021-2022 Academic Year: