First Year Courses
(Evening Program)

First Year Courses and Curriculum

Evening Program students complete Property I and II and Contracts I and II in the even-numbered academic years (e.g. 2020-21, 2022-23) and Torts I and II and Civil Procedure I and II in academic odd-numbered years (e.g. 2021-22, 2023-24), and. Every first-year student completes Legal Reasoning and Analysis (Fall 3 credits) and Legal Research and Persuasion (Spring 3 credits).
Additionally, students enrolled in the Evening Program are required to complete the following courses:

  • • Appellate Advocacy (3 credit hours)
    • Comprehensive Legal Analysis (3 credit hours)
    • Constitutional Law I and II (6 credit hours)
    • Corporations (3 credit hours)
    • Criminal Law (3 credit hours)
    • Criminal Procedure (3 credit hours)
    • Decedents’ Estates I (Intestate Succession and Wills) or
    Decedents’ Estates II (Trusts and Future Interests (3 credit hours)
    • Evidence (3 credit hours)
    • Family Law (3 credit hours)
    • Professional Responsibility (2 credit hours)
    • Sales/Secured Transactions (4 credit hours)
    • Senior Writing (3 credit hours)

Upper-level Evening Program students are also required to complete one or more experiential course(s) (in addition to Appellate Advocacy), totaling at least three credits.

The framework for evening students is altered to accommodate the limited meeting schedule and regular rotational scheduling of the program. Distance learning is not a requirement of the Evening Program, and students may complete their degrees entirely in person with faculty in the classroom. Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:20 p.m. (9:37 p.m. when Sales and Secured Transactions is offered every other fall, students enroll during third or fourth fall semester).