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NCCU Law Celebrates Legacy Graduates Amber Creft and Christina Lee

By Terri Godwin Hyman 
North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law is proud to announce its legacy graduates, Amber Creft and Christina Lee. Both graduates will take part in the Law School’s Hooding Ceremony on Friday, May 3, 2024, and will be conferred with their Juris Doctor degrees during commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 4, 2024. 

Adding a poignant touch to this significant milestone, Amber Creft, a Charlotte, North Carolina native will have her hood ceremoniously placed by her uncle, Attorney Eric Richards, an alumnus of Harvard Law School, graduating in 1989. Amber’s decision to attend NCCU School of Law is deeply rooted in her admiration for her late father, alumnus Frank Christmas Creft Jr. ‘89. With an unwavering determination, she is honoring her father’s legacy by walking in his footsteps and forging her own path in the legal profession. 

“The feeling of graduating is beyond words,” Creft said. “It’s a flood of emotions for me, joy and sadness. Joy, because I’ve achieved one of the most significant milestones in my life. Throughout my journey, I’ve forged lifelong friendships, absorbed a wealth of knowledge, and encountered experiences that not only deepened my understanding of the law but also enriched my self-awareness. Walking the same halls as my father, interacting with his professors and classmates, has allowed me to feel a profound closeness to him, to comprehend him, and to glean invaluable lessons from his legacy,” expressed Creft. “My desire to carry on my family’s legacy began at the age of five, when I grasped the notion that my father was a lawyer. Back then, I didn’t fully understand what it meant to be a lawyer, but I knew that since my father was one, I could be too. I was four years old when he passed away, so being able to walk in his footsteps and fulfil his aspirations means everything to me.” 

Christina Lee, of Cary will be hooded by her father, NCCU School of Law alumnus, Paul Woo-il Lee ’15, marking a poignant family legacy.   

“My father’s decision to return to school, specifically to NCCU School of Law, at the age of forty had a profound impact on my own journey to law school,” said Lee. “I was just a freshman in high school when he made this decision, and it opened a door for me to explore and consider.”

Lee said, “Prior to my father’s decision, I had never contemplated a career in law; I aspired to become a dentist. Fueled by my newfound curiosity towards the legal field, I joined my high school’s mock trial team during my freshman year. It was then I realized my passion for law and knew that I wanted to pursue it as my life’s work.”

Lee added, “When the time came to apply to law school, NCCU School of Law immediately sprang to mind. My father had taken me there several times during my high school years, and I even attended a summer law camp on the campus. These experiences solidified my connection to NCCU School of Law and made it a natural choice to pursue my legal education. 

I am confident that I will continue to carry on my father’s dedication to service in an area of law that brings me joy.” 

Lee plans to work in intellectual property law, specifically with trademarks and patents. 

With this special honor bestowed upon them, the graduation of Amber Creft and Christina Lee symbolizes a cherished and proud family tradition within the Legal Eagle community. The Hooding ceremony will be broadcast live at