Faculty Publications



Cheryl E. Amana-Burris


Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters: Strategies for Success from Multicultural Women Attorneys (American Bar Association, 2009) (contributing author). NCCU Catalog


Drugs, AIDS and Reproductive Choice: Material-State Conflict Continues into the New Millennium, 28 N.C. Cent. L.J. 32 (2005). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Maternal-Fetal Conflict: A Call for Humanism and Consciousness in a Time of Crisis, 3 Colum. J. Gender & L. 351 (1992-1993). HeinOnline | Westlaw

Recruitment and Retention of the African American Law Student, 19 N.C. Cent. L.J. 207 (1991). HeinOnline | Westlaw



Todd J. Clark * (On Leave)


  • Clark, Todd J. and cummings, andre douglas pond, “CORPORATE JUSTICE,” (Carolina Academic Press 2016)

Book Chapters and Introductions

  • Chapter, “Drugs in Professional Sports,” “Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law,” (Forthcoming Spring 2017)
  • Chapter, “Hip-hop’s Critical Role in Awakening Urban America’s Corporate Consciousness and Activist Spirit,” HIP HOP and the LAW, (Carolina Academic Press 2015) (Pamela Bridgewater, andre douglas pond cummings and Donald F. Tibbs)
  • Drafted introduction section for, “Part IV, Section B: Professional Equality: The Rooney Rule” for book entitled, “REVERSING FIELD: EXAMINING COMMERCIALIZATION, LABOR, GENDER AND RACE IN 21ST CENTURY SPORTS LAW,” (West Virginia University Press 2011) (andre douglas pond cummings and Anne Marie Lofaso)

Introduction to Professional Equality: The Rooney Rule in Reversing Field: Examining Commercialization, Labor, Gender, and Race in 21st Century Sports Law (Andre Douglas Pond Cummings and Anne Marie Lofaso, eds., 2010). NCCU Catalog Other Publications


  • “An Inherent Contradiction: The Lack of Morality in Corporate Discretion to Enforce Morals Clauses,” Louisiana Law Review, Volume 78, (Forthcoming Spring 2017)
  • “Ballin in the Boardroom: Changing the Social Context of Sexual Harassment,” St. John’s University School of Law’s Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development, Volume 28, Fall 2015, Number 2.
  • “Equal Opportunity to Harass, Unequal Burdens of Proof: Affirming the Equal Opportunity Harasser Defense,” Tennessee Journal for Race, Gender and Social Justice, Volume 1, Spring 2012, Number 1. Fall 2012
  • “My President is Black and I Be Goddamned If My Agent Ain’t Too!” Lead Article: Georgetown Journal of Law & Modern Critical Race Perspectives, Volume 2, Fall 2010, Number 2.
  • Teaching Social Justice Through Hip Hop and the Law (forthcoming).

Kimberly Cogdell Grainger


Political Rhetoric and Minority Health: Introducing the Rhetoric-Policy-Health Paradigm, 12 St. Louis U. J. Health L. & Pol’y 121 (2018), HeinOnline

Academic Journal Article: Promoting Diversity in Public Health Law Through Online Education, 44 J.L. Med. Ethics (Special Supplement to Issue 1) 24 (2016), NCLive

Saving the Leftovers: Models for Banking Cord Blood Stem Cells, 25 Issues L. & Med. 145 (2009). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Krishnee G. Coley


with Kia Vernon, Investing in Your Success: A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Best Results in Your First Year of Law School (2010). NCCU Catalog

Donald Corbett


Stunted Growth: Assessing the Stagnant Enrollment of African-American Students at the Nation’s Law Schools, 18 Temp. Pol. & Civ. Rts. L. Rev. 177 (2008-2009). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Virtual Espionage: Spyware and the Common Law Privacy Torts, 36 U. Balt. L. Rev. 1 (2006-2007). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

If Loving You Is Wrong … Can First Amendment Prot. Be Right? Alienation of Affection, Criminal Conversation, & the Right to Free Speech, 38 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. 93 (2016). HeibOnline

Phyliss Craig-Taylor


Open Doors on the Last Plantation: An Analysis of Property Loss, Race, and Citizenship (forthcoming).

An Analysis of Property Loss, Race, and Citizenship (forthcoming).


Options for Countering the Faustian Bargain in the Judicial Partition of Heirs’ Property and the Enduring Phenomena of Investor-Speculator ‘Fishing’, in U.S. Forestry Service E-General Technical

Report SRS-244, Heir’s Property and Land Fraction: Fostering Stable Ownership to Prevent Land Loss and Abandonment, 83 (Cassandra Johnson Gaither, et al. eds. Sep. 2019), https://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/pubs/gtr/gtr_srs244.pdf.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: A Potential Misappropriation of Power in the Implementation of Community Development Block Grants, 12 Rutgers Race & L.Rev. 57 (2011). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

All That Glitters is Not Gold: A Critique of Waivers and Congressional Mandates on Community Development Block Grants, 2 Charlotte L.Rev. 145 (2010). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Lifting the Veil: The Intersectionality of Ethics, Culture, and Gender Bias in Domestic Violence Cases, 32 Rutgers L.Rec. 31 (Spring 2008). LexisNexis | Westlaw

African-American Farmers and the Fight for Survival: The Continuing Examination for Insight into the Historical Genesis of this Dilemma, 26 N.C. Cent. L.J. 21 (2003-2004). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Through a Colored Looking Glass: Property Rules and Land Loss in Judicial Partition, 78 Wash. U. L.Q. 737 (2000). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

The Caliber of Equality in Higher Education: Minorities and Women in a Dual Labor Market, AAUW Symposium Issue (Spring 1998). NCCU Catalog | TRLN Catalog

To Be Free: Liberty, Property, Citizenship, and Race, 14 Harv. BlackLetter L.J. 45 (1998). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

To Stand for the Whole: Pluralism and Law Schools Professional Responsibility, 15 Nat’l Black L.J. 1 (1997-1998). HeinOnline | Westlaw



Nakia C. Davis


Individual Rights & Responsibilities Child Custody and the SCRA: My Child or My Country, 26 GPSOLO 34 (September 2009). LexisNexis

Child Custody and the SCRA: My Child or My Country, 35 Hum. Rts. 10 (Spring 2008). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw Other Publications

Other: Briefs/Petitions/Writs. Appellant Brief, Graham v. Jones, No. 19-511 (N.C. Ct. App. July 3, 2019).

April Dawson


Law Review Articles: Laying the Foundation: How President Obama’s Judicial Nominations Have Paved the Way for A More Diverse Supreme Court, 60 How. L.J. 685 (2017) HeinOnline:

Missing in Action: The Absence of Potential African American Female Supreme Court Justice Nominees — Why This Is and What Can Be Done About It, 60 How. L.J. 177 (2016) HeinOnline

Ignoring the Court: What Defiance of the Supreme Court Tells Us About Race in the U.S., (Work in Progress, Expected Completion Summer 2020).

Channeling Eddie Robinson: Using Coaching Principles and Best Practices to Develop Elite Law School Learners, (Work in Progress, Expected Completion Fall 2020).

Shelly DeAdder


The Legal Status of Cannabidiol Oil and the Need for Congressional Action, 9 N.C. Cent. U. Sci. & I.P. L. Rev. (2016) https://archives.law.nccu.edu/siplr/vol9/iss1/4/.

Academic Journal Article: Teaching to the Test: Skill Building and Final Project Preparation in the Legal Writing Classroom (forthcoming).

Editor: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute Peer Reviewed Article — Barbara A. Kalinowski, Logic Ab Initio: A Functional Approach to Improve Law Students’ Critical Thinking Skills, 22 Legal Writing: J. Legal Writing Inst. 109 (2018). HeinOnline

Copy Editor:

Of Counsel Magazine Volume 18 (Fall 2016).

Appellate Briefs:

  • Brief for the Defendant-Appellant, State v. Ray, COA 19-51, (N.C. Ct. App. March 18, 2019).
  • Reply Brief for the Defendant-Appellant, State v. Ray COA 19-51 (N.C. Ct. App. June 7, 2019).
  • Brief for the Defendant-Appellant, State v. McPhail, COA 19-144 (N.C. Ct. App. May 22, 2019)
  • Brief for the Defendant-Appellant, State v. Bank (COA 19___ (N.C. Ct. App. forthcoming Fall 2019)

Continuing Legal Education Manuscripts:

Legal Research Basics, Foxmoor Continuing Education, (May 6, 2019) (unpublished manuscript) (on file with author).

Judicial Opinion Writing, North Carolina Law Clerk Orientation and Continuing Legal Education (Sept. 1, 2017 and Nov. 8, 2018) (unpublished manuscript) (on file with author).



Malik C. Edwards


with Dena Phillips Swanson and Margaret Beale Spencer, Adolescence: Development During a Global Era (2010). NCCU Catalog

with Adrienne Lash Jones and Jennifer Lynn Grady, Dorothy Irene Height, in Notable Black American Women (1991). NCCU Catalog


Footnote Eleven for the New Millenium: Ecological Perspective Arguments In Support of Compelling Interest, 31 Seattle U. L. Rev. 891 (2008). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Nommo: Understanding the Power of Words, A Critique of Matal v. Tam, 11 N.C. Cent. U. Sci. & Intell. Prop. L. Rev. 49 (2018) https://archives.law.nccu.edu/siplr/vol11/iss1/2/.

Beyond the Valley of the Doll Studies: Why There is a Need for a Developmental Perspective, (Work in Progress).

Pied Piper Problems: Exploring how Arguments for Local Control Have Been Used to Stifle Equity Based Reforms, (Work in Progress).

Co-Author, Children of Incarcerated Parents: The Implications of Parent Absence for Children’s Lives at School and Home, in Incarcerated Parents & Their Children, (Vivian L. Gadsen & P. Genty eds.) (Work in Progress).

Co-Author, How Does It Feel to Be a Problem? The Missing Kerner Commission Report, 4 The Russell Sage Found. J. Soci. Sci., 20 (September 2018), https://www.rsfjournal.org/content/4/6/20.


Kevin C. Foy


Complexities of Urban Sustainability: Using Local Land Use Authority to Achieve Environmental Goals, 3 Charlotte L. Rev. 23 (2011). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

with Robert Y. George & Orrin H. Pilkey, Marine Biodiversity Conservation: Workshop to Establish Marine National Monument for Blake Plateau, 58:1 Southeastern Biology 73 (2011). TRLN Catalog

Balancing Multiple Goals at the Local Level: Water Quality, Water Equity, and Water Conservation, 26 Duke Envtl. L. & Pol’y F. 241 (2016) HeinOnline

Environmental Justice and Corporate Responsibility: Institutionalizing Normative Expectations, 3 Envtl. L. Rep. 1 (2016).



Brenda D. Gibson


(co-author) and Teacher’s Manual, North Carolina Legal Research (Carolina Academic Press 3d ed.) (forthcoming 2019).


The Indelible Mark of Plagiarism: Why is it so Difficult to Make it Stop?, ___ U. Ark.-L.R. ____ (forthcoming 2019). HeinOnline

Grading Rubrics: Their Creation and Their Many Benefits to Professors and Students, 38 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. 41 (2014).

Essay, Why Many Law Schools are Better Prepared than Anticipated for the Proposed ABA Standards 302-305.

Book Review

If Only We Could . . . Make It Stick . . ., 14 Legal Comm. & Rhetoric, JALWD 141 (Fall 2017) (reviewing Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III & Mark A. McDaniel, Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (2014)). HeinOnline

Upon Considering. . . The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Writing, 19 N.C. Bar J. 24 (Spring 2014) (reviewing Theodore L. Blumberg, The Seven Deadly Sins (2008)).

The Journey to Excellence in Legal Writing (Brenda Gibson & Mary Wright, eds. 2010). NCCU Catalog

Angela Gilmore


with Elena Marty-Nelson & Eloisa Rodriguez-Dod, Testamentary Capacity and Validity of Wills, Estate, Gifts and Trusts Portfolio: Estates Planning/Business Planning (October 2008). NCCU Catalog

Special Considerations in Transfers to Minor Beneficiaries Born as a Result of Reproductive Technologies, in Tax, Estate, and Lifetime Planning for Minors 337 (Carmina Y. D’Aversa, ed. 2006). NCCU Catalog

with Elena Marty-Nelson, Testamentary Capacity and Validity of Wills, Estate, Gifts and Trusts Portfolio: Estates Planning/Business Planning (2001). TRLN Catalog

Book Reviews

Saturday Morning Censors: Television Regulation Before the V-Chip, 23 Legal Stud. F. 619 (1999) (book review). HeinOnline | TRLN Catalog


Incorporating Issues of Sexual Orientation into a First Year Property Law Course: Relevance and Responsibility, 32 Nova L. Rev. 595, 595-608 (2008). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Using the Private Attorney General Theory to Protect Florida Charitable Corporations, 31 Nova L. Rev. 27 (2006). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Recreational Covenants and Residential Communities, 17 Prac. Real Est. Law. 23 (2001). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Employment Protection for Lesbians and Gay Men, 6 Law & Sexuality 83 (1996). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Self-Inflicted Wounds: The Duty to Disclose Damaging Legal Authority, 43 Clev. St. L. Rev. 303 (1995). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

They’re Just Funny That Way: Lesbians, Gay Men and African-American Communities as Viewed Through the Privacy Prism, 38 How. L.J. 231 (1994). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

It is Better to Speak, 6 Berkeley Women’s L.J. 74 (1990). HeinOnline Other Publications

Pamela S. Glean


Access to Justice: The TALIAS (Technology Assisted Legal Instruction and Services) Solution, 17 N.C. Bar J. 26 (Fall 2012). NCCU Catalog | NC State Bar

Dionne Gonder-Stanley


Facing a Legislative Straightjacket in the 21st Century: North Carolina Courts and the Prayer for Judgment Continued, 40 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. 32 (2017) HeinOnline.

The Champion, May 2016, at 67 (reviewing A. Rafik Mohamed & Erik D. Fritsvold, Dorm Room Dealers: Drugs and the Privileges of Race and Class (2011)). https://www.nacdl.org/Article/May2016-BookReviewDormRoomDealersDrugs.

Book Review, The Champion (forthcoming Dec. 2019) (reviewing Robbie Tolan, et al., No Justice: One White Police Officer, One Black Family, and How One Bullet Ripped Us Apart (2018)).

David A. Green


Why the African-American Community Should Be Concerned About Supreme Court Nominee, Samuel A. Alito: His Potential Impact On Title VII Cases, 33 S. U. L. Rev.425 (2006). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Lawyers as “Tattletales”: A Challenge To The Broad Application Of The Attorney-Client Privilege And Rule 1.6, Confidentiality Of Information, 20 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 617 (2004). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

“I’m Ok-You’re Ok”: Educating Lawyers To “Maintain A Normal Client-Lawyer Relationship” With A Client With A Mental Disability, 28 J. Legal Prof. 65 (2003-2004). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Balancing Ethical Concerns Against Liberal Discovery: The Case Of Rule 4.2 And The Problem Of Loophole Lawyering, 8 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 283 (1995). HeinOnline | Westlaw

The Invisible Child: Race and Disability Collide at the Crossroads, Loyola University Chicago, School of Law, Children’s Legal Rights Journal, Vol.32, No.4 (Winter 2012) HeinOnline | Westlaw

Friend or Foe: The Supreme Court’s “Plausible Claim” Standard Provides Another Barrier For Plaintiffs In Employment Discrimination Cases, 39 S.U.L. Rev. 1 (2011) HeinOnline | Westlaw

A review of a claim for sexual harassment with a close look at sexual harassment/ constructive discharge claims, Continuing Legal Education Program, Back to School with Your Professors II (February 23, 2007)

Shhh!!!! Can You Keep a Secret? A Cultural Bias Against Disclosing a Mental Disability & Its Impact on Seeking Reasonable Accommodations for the Bar Exam, 26 Tex. Hisp. J.L. & Pol’y (forthcoming Fall 2019).

The Fallacy of “Liberal Discovery”: Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases in the E-Discovery Age, 44 Cap. U. L. Rev. 693 (2016), HeinOnline



Susan Hauser


Co-Author, Graduating with Debt: Student Loans in Bankruptcy (2d edition 2016).

Book Chapters

Mediation in the United States Bankruptcy Courts of North Carolina in Alternative Dispute Resolution in North Carolina: A New Civil Procedure. (Jacqueline R. Clare ed., North Carolina Bar Foundation and North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission 2003). NCCU Catalog

Avoiding Powers, in 3 Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide Ch. 63 (Alan N. Resnick ed. 2018).


More than Abstract Justice: The Defense of Marriage Act and the Equal Treatment of Same-Sex Married Couples under Section (302)a of the Bankruptcy Code, 85 Am. Bankr. L.J. 195 (2011). HeinOnline | LexisNexis

The 2009 Amendment to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15 (a)(1): A Study in Ambiguity, 33 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. 10 (2010). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Cutting the Gordian Knot: The Case for Allowing Modification of Home Mortgages in Bankruptcy, 5 J. Bus. & Tech. L. 207 (2010). HeinOnline | Westlaw

Predatory Lending, Passive Judicial Activism, and the Duty to Decide, 86 N.C. L. Rev. 1501 (2008). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Necessary Fictions: Bankruptcy Jurisdiction after Hood and Katz, 82 Tul. L. Rev. 1181(2008). HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw Other Publications



Scott Holmes


Resisting Arrest and Racism – the Crime of ‘Disrespect’, 85 UMKC L. Rev. 625 (2017), HeinOnline

Do Public Confederate Monuments Constitute Racist Government Speech Violating the Equal Protection Clause, 42 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2019)

OTHER: BRIEFS/PETITIONS/WRITS Appellant Brief & Reply Brief, Town of Belhaven v. Pantego Creek, No. 16-373 (N.C. Ct. App. Jun. 22, 2016).

Reply Brief, Town of Belhaven v. Pantego Creek, No. 16-373 (N.C. Ct App. Sep. 6, 2016).

OTHER: PLEADINGS First Amended Complaint, Harshaw v. Wall, prior No. 3:14-CV-625 (W.D.N.C. Mar. 10, 2017).

First Amended Complaint, Smith v. Kennedy, prior No. 3:14-CV-625 (W.D.N.C. Mar. 10, 2017).

First Amended Complaint, White v. Parsons, prior No. 3:14-CV-625 W.D.N.C. Mar. 10, 2017).

First Amended Complaint, Wynn v. Parsons, prior No. 3:14-CV-625 (W.D.N.C. Mar. 10, 2017).

Complaint for Injunctive Relief, Winston v. City of Charlotte, No. 3:16-cv-729 (W.D.N.C. Oct 21, 2016).

Complaint, Parker v. Coleman, No. 4:17-cv-157 (E.D.N.C. Sept. 11, 2017).

OTHER: LEGAL MEMORANDA: Motion to Dismiss & Exclude Evidence &/or Mottion for Discovery, State v. Birchfield-Finn, No. 19 CR 51036 (Orange Co. Dist. Ct. July 23, 2019).

Motion to Dismiss/Suppress & Memorandum in Support, State v. Pulawski, No. 18 CRS 52481 (Orange Co. Super. Ct. Mar. 9, 2019).

Memorandum of Law, State v. Little, No. 18 CR 51117 (Durham Co. Dist. Ct. Oct. 15, 2018).

Mot. & Mem. Appealing Imposition of Unconstitutional Costs, State v. Anderson, No. 16 CRS209961 & 209953 (Wake Co. Super. Ct. Dec. 17, 2017).

Memorandum of Law in Supp. of Motion for Change of Venue, State v. Bar-on, No. 17 CRS 52491 & 52496 (Alamance Co. Super. Ct., Nov. 22, 2017).

Motion to Dismiss & Memorandum in Supp. of Motion to Dismiss, State v. Jeffries, No. 17 CR 54258 (Alamance Co. Dist. Ct., Nov. 21, 2017).

Memorandum of Law in Support of Temporary Restraining Order, Winston v. City of Charlotte, No. 3:16-cv-729 (W.D.N.C., Oct 21, 2016).


Leonard T. Jernigan, Jr.


North Carolina Workers’ Compensation: Law and Practice, with Forms (Thomson West ed., 4th ed. 2004). NCCU Catalog | Westlaw

Irving L. Joyner


Criminal Procedure in North Carolina (3d ed., Supp. 2010). LexisNexis | NCCU Catalog


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Challenging Voting Rights and Participation in State Courts, 21 St. Mary’s L. Rev. on Race and Soc. Issues (forthcoming 2019).

OTHER: MAGAZINE ARTICLE: The Confederacy and Jim Crow: Should Their Symbols Be Saved?, Of Counsel, Vol. 20, at 20 (Fall 2018).

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Lisa Kamarchik


Sex as Constructive Notice: North Carolina’s Need for a Putative Father Registry, 42 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. (forthcoming Fall 2019).


Lydia E. Lavelle


With Shannon Gilreath, Sexual Orientation and Identity (West 2016)

With Shannon Gilreath, Sexual Identity Law in Context, 2nd Edition (2012) NCCU Catalog


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Saving Cake for Dessert: How Hearing the LGBTQ Title VII Cases First Can Inform LGBTQ Public Accommodation Cases, 30.2 Geo. Mason Civ. Rts. L.J., (forthcoming Spring 2020).

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Newspaper Article: Let Them Eat Cake, Durham Herald Sun, (Dec. 5, 2017, 6:00 AM), https://www.heraldsun.com/opinion/article187820799.html



Adrienne L. Meddock

Encyclopedia Chapters

18 S.C. Jur. Seduction (2010). Westlaw


When Is Competition Tortious? NC Common Law Business Torts Based on Relational Injuries, 22 Notes Bearing Interest No. 3, at 7 NC Bar Association Section on Business Law Quarterly (May 2002). NC Bar Association

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Dorothy Mitchell

OTHER: BRIEFS/PETITIONS/WRITS: Appellant Brief, In re J.A.T. & M.A.T., No. 19-635 (N.C. Ct. App. Aug. 14, 2019).

Appellant Brief, In re X.A.R., No. 19-584 (N.C. Ct. App. July 26, 2019).

Appellant Brief, In re N.R.R., No. 19-269 (N.C. Ct. App. Apr. 22, 2019).

Appellant Brief, In re S.B. & Z.O., No. 19-141 (N.C. Ct. App. Mar. 8, 2019).

Appellant Brief, In re T.G.H., Y.G.L., S.N.L., No. 18-1314 (N.C. Ct. App. Jan. 28, 2019).

Appellant Brief, In re N.B., M.S., L.W., No. 18-1087 (N.C. Ct. App. Nov. 26, 2018).

Appellant Brief, In re T.H. & M.H., No. 18-926 (N.C. Ct. App. Oct. 8, 2018).

Reginald Mombrun


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Mark W. Morris


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Kia H. Vernon


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Fred Williams


Restructuring Bail Bonds, (Work in Progress, Expected Completion December 31, 2019).

Mary E. Wright


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Editorial Works

The Journey to Excellence in Legal Writing (Brenda Gibson & Mary Wright, eds. 2010). NCCU Catalog


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