About Development

Since private funds are essential to the continued viability of the Law School, the Development Center solicits annual gifts for operating support and pressing needs of the Law School. Donors may choose to support the Annual Fund of the Law School through its Legal Eagle Club. The Legal Eagle Club recognizes gifts of *$100 or more (*$50 if a graduate within the last five years) made annually to support the Law School.

Donors will receive a letter thanking them for their contribution, in addition to being recognized in the following publications:

» Annual Of Counsel Alumni Magazine » Annual Report.

Gifts may be designated for:

  • Scholarships

There are several named scholarships that assist talented and deserving students in obtaining their dream of becoming lawyers.

  • Educational Programs

There are several new and existing programs and practical training opportunities for students.

  • The Law Library

Funds are used to meet the day-to-day operational needs of the Law Library.

  • Law School Annual Fund

Funds are used at the Dean’s discretion for a variety of daily operational needs.

  • New Horizons Endowment Funds

  • Raymond C. Pierce Bar Prep

The number of Law School donors – alumni, friends, foundations, law firms and community organizations – is growing. Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our requests to support the Law School.

To learn more about how to make your tax-deductible gift or how your contribution will help, please feel free to contact Karuna Rekhraj, at 919-530-5244.