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SJREI contributes to the body of work on social justice and racial equity work through policy research and scholarship. This research and writing is shared in a variety of formats including blogposts, white papers, articles, law school reports, and teaching materials.

Our methodology is to be inter-systemic, meaning we focus on one system and then explore how the social injustice and racial inequity in that system impacts other major systems. We will begin our focus with analysis of social justice and racial equity issues locally, and expand our scope to state, federal, and global examples of racial injustice. This would involve seeking non-Governmental status with the United Nations to be able to advance issues of racial equity and social justice globally with a focus on the African Diaspora and Pan-African issues of equity and justice. Our methodology will also be inter-disciplinary and data driven. We hope to collaborate with other experts in different fields to analyze social justice and racial equity issues from a variety of methods including: Historical, Legal, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Environmental Science, Public Health, Religious, Cultural, Education, Criminal Justice, Public Planning, Psychology, and Technology.

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