C. Scott Holmes

Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Supervising Attorney – Civil Litigation Clinic

Professor Holmes supervises the Civil Litigation Clinic, and teaches Trial Advocacy, Appellate Advocacy, Criminal Procedure, Legal Problems of the Poor, and Restorative Justice. Before joining the faculty he was a partner at the law firm of Brock, Payne & Meece where he handled serious criminal cases in state and federal court, at trial and on appeal.

He is a graduate of UNC Law School and a recipient of the Friday Fellowship for Human Relations. He clerked at the North Carolina Court of Appeals for Chief Judge John Martin, and worked as a Public Defender in Durham for a few years before moving to private practice. He has worked as a trial lawyer in civil rights and criminal defense cases, representing Moral Monday protesters, panhandlers, Dream Team activists, and Occupy Protesters.

The Civil Litigation Clinic handles cases involving a wide range of legal problems in areas such as landlord – tenant, consumer protection, government benefits, employment, and civil rights. For example, the Civil Litigation Clinic currently represents people with housing discrimination claims and unemployment benefits cases. The Civil Litigation Clinic is also currently representing prisoners in a federal civil rights action challenging prison conditions in the Western District of North Carolina. The Civil Litigation Clinic also investigates cases of police misconduct, excessive force, and wrongful death.

Professor Holmes’ research focuses on racially contested interactions with the police which lead to police misconduct, excessive force, and wrongful death. He also researches restorative justice models as an alternative to adversarial criminal justice interventions.

Professor Holmes is concerned with the way our justice system harms poor and vulnerable members of our community including children, immigrants, and the mentally ill. He also works to challenge racial disparities in law enforcement, criminal justice, and housing practices.  Having represented protesters, preachers, and panhandlers, Professor works to empower and amplify marginalized voices in our community. He is also an active member of his Quaker Meeting, enjoys playing Classical Guitar, and dancing ballet.



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