Mylaw Intranet Portal

1. What is Mylaw?

a. MyLaw will provide “one-stop-shopping” for all of the school’s internal web-related needs. The MyLaw portal offers a wealth of new features, including: targeted communications (to specific groups like 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, faculty, etc.) online instructor office hour reservations; take-home exams/online paper turn in utility and more. MyLaw will host content from Law School departments, which can be targeted to specific student groups, so that you will see only the information that is relevant to you. MyLaw will allow you to manage the communications you receive by department, organization and topic, both on your portal home page and through email. Your MyLaw home page will also be automatically populated with links to your course pages each term.

b. It also has a customizable “My Links” section where you can add your own frequently used links.

2. How do I get to Mylaw?

Using any browser (preferably Internet Explorer) goto

1. enter your username preceeded with “ad\” ie., “ad\username

2. enter your password

3. Easy Access to Course Pages where you will find:

a. Course Announcements, Cancellation Notices and Deadlines that also appear on your MyLaw portal home page as well as your course page

b. Easier to use course documents library and better organization of course-related material

c. Drop Box Library for students to turn in non-anonymous papers and assignments

d. Discussion Board

e. Integrated take home exam/online paper turn

f. Easy access to instructor and instructor assistant contact information

4. Targeted Announcements & My Reminders

Communications on your MyLaw home page include:

a. My Reminders, which lists events you RSVP’d to. These can be easily exported to your personal calendar.

b. School announcements and opportunities from departments and programs within the school.

5. Online Instructor Office Hours Sign-up

You can sign up for office hours online with instructors who choose to use this feature.

6. Study Room Reservations

Study Room Reservations moved to MyLaw in Spring 2013.

7. Targeted Content from Departments

Targeted content means that you only see links to information that applies to you as a student, making internal content appear more streamlined.

8. Important Login Information for Students

VERY IMPORTANT: When logging into MyLaw you MUST sign in using your MyEOL account or you will NOT be able to login to MyLaw.

9. Important Login information for Staff and Faculty

When logging in from home or anywhere outside the law school network, be sure to enter ad\your_account_name as below:

(ad\gclinton), then [TAB] and enter your password and [Log In].

10. MyLaw Contact information

If you have any questions about MyLaw, do not hesititate to email

11. MyLaw Features List

MyLaw has the following features that students will find especially useful:

a. Easy access to course pages (beginning Spring 2013)

b. Targeted School Announcements/Opportunities.

c. You can customize the messages you receive based on your interests.

d. My Reminders which displays events you’ve RSVP’d to, instructor appointments and reservations.

e. Online Instructor office hours for faculty members who use this functionality.

f. Targeted content from law school departments.

g. Law School Photo Directory.

h. Team Collaboration Sites.

i. And more coming in the fall!

12. Team Collaboration Sites

Within MyLaw, we also have the capability for setting up secure, web-based team collaboration sites for long-term or short-term research projects, workgroups or committees. Team Collaboration sites provide document, link and image libraries, blogs, announcements, shared calendars and contacts lists, discussion boards and more. If you would like more information or would like to request a team collaboration site, please email

13. Callouts & Emergency Messaging

“Callout” images for important events in the school can be targeted to specific audiences and will show every page of the intended audience members. MyLaw also has an emergency messaging feature, in which the “welcome” image can be replaced with an emergency notification image.