Classes During Adverse Weather (Students)

Virtual Classes During Adverse Weather

Some professors may elect to have virtual classes during adverse weather and below are tips that will help you.

In order for you to participate in these Virtual Classes you will need a laptop or desktop computer with broadband access (internet) and a webcam.  Computers MUST have broadband connection with minimum speeds of 768kbs or (.768 mbps), upload and download capability. You can check your connection by clicking on the following link:


  1. Make sure you have internet capability, if you have a wired connection please use it.
  2. For the best strength turn off all other wireless devices during class time.
  3. Check all devices prior to signing on to class.
  4. Please sign in for class 10 minutes prior to class start time.
  5. You will receive your link for class from your professor.
  6. Have working earphones with a mic on it (cellphone headset).
  7. Verify working Built-in or a USB webcam.
  8. Dress like you are coming to class.
  9. Treat your virtual class as if you are in an actual classroom setting at the law school.
  10. You should not drive while logged on to class.