Student Affairs

The North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law is enriched by the scope of student organizations, extracurricular activities, and the community spirit that permeates student life. Opportunities include student-run academic journals, dozens of interest-centered organizations, student governance, and a vibrant range of social and athletic activities. In addition, the University and local community are both large enough to offer something to meet anyone’s interests and small enough to make active participation compatible with a student’s rigorous academic schedule. NCCU School of Law values its reputation as a school that produces graduates who are skilled in law and balanced in life. It encourages students to enjoy their legal studies, to expand intellectually and personally, and to join the thousands of successful alumni who recall their law school years with warmth and enthusiasm. The Office of Student Affairs works closely with the Student Bar Association and student organizations, coordinates extracurricular activities, and fosters interaction between students and faculty in a variety of settings. Some of the office’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating First-Year Orientation
  • Generally Advising Student Organizations and Leaders
  • Updating the NCCU Student Handbookpdf
  • Coordinating the Law School Graduation Ceremony