NCCU On-Campus Interviews

2022 Fall OCI Recruitment Season is NOW OPEN!

We are here to assist you with your hiring needs.

Our campus is fully open and available for in-person interviews. We take pride in providing our partnering firms, organizations, and practice-ready students the opportunity to interview on-campus and virtually during our

OCI (On-Campus Interview) season, in addition, to resume collection.

We Provide: 

  • On-Campus and Hybrid Scheduled Interviews
  • Employer Support
  • Resume Collection

NCCU OCI (On-Campus Interview) Timeline: 

  • Employer Schedule Requests: MAY 2nd – JULY 8th
  • Employer Pre-select: July 15th – July 28th
  • OCI Interviewing: AUGUST 16th – SEPTEMBER 16th

Steps to request 2022 Fall OCI (On-Campus Interviews) schedule:

1. Visit:
2. Log in and click on OCI on the left navigation menu
3. Click on Schedule Request
4. Select Request a Schedule
5. Complete the Form and Click on Submit

Virtual interviewing can occur using our Zoom rooms or the teleconference service of your choice. Please specify your preference when you complete the schedule request.  

We look forward to working with you to assist in pairing your firm and organization with practice-ready students. Let us know if you have any questions or need additional assistance. 

Law Career Services 

Our Career Services and Professional Development programs enhance the classroom learning and enable our students to be prepared for the job search whether it is for a summer internship, an externship, or the first job upon graduation from law school.  Our approach is to provide programs that fall along one of two major divisions—Career Education and Professional Development.

Our Career Education programs increase the knowledge base for careers in the law to including the practice of law and careers that are enhanced by a law degree.   Our Professional Development programs seek to provide our students with the nuts and bolts of being a legal professional.  Key programming includes, interview preparedness, professional attire, networking, and resume and cover letter writing.  We encourage students to take advantage of these programs.

Programs include:

Career Education

Professional Development

JAG Career Fair (fall)

1L Career Services Orientation (mandatory)

Public Interest Career Fair (spring)

Professional Dress (men and women)

Clerkship Panel


International Law

Are You Interview Ready?

In-house Counsel Panel

Resume and Cover letter preparation

Our signature program, Pathways to Success, features NCCU Law Alumni who speak on a variety of topics that span Career Education and Professional Development.

We place an emphasis on professionalism through professional development programs, networking with legal professionals, appropriate interview and work attire and career information in order to help our students compete in the legal marketplace.  We also emphasize that our students must be accountable for their development as legal professionals.