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DeWarren K. Langley, Receives 2021 Certifcate of Excellence Father/Mentor

Humbled and honored to receive the 2021 Certificate of Excellence as a Father/Mentor from Fatherhood of Durham NC for leadership and dedication to instill good values, morals and structure in the lives of young people for as Executive Director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Foundation, Inc. The Charles Hamilton Houston Foundation, Inc. provides a continuum of programs, service, and mentorship to facilitate academic, leadership and professional development to prepare boys and young men of color for academic success and the competitive workforce. Our Young Men of Excellence Program provides college readiness and career exploration programming designed to motivate and guide boys of color, grades 6 through 12, to explore their interests and passions. Our Career Pathway Program provides comprehensive, personalized, and innovative services that promotes the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to prepare for and enter the competitive and evolving global workforce with confidence and competence to excel, achieve career success and economic stability and mobility for young men ages 17 to 24. Special thanks to Founder Randy Trice for the recognition. Fatherhood of Durham is a father-centered program to enable men to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to become responsible fathers and co-parents. We Engage. We Educate. We Equip. We Empower.

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