Requirements and Obligations for Supervising Attorneys

Externship Information and Duties Form

The Onsite Supervising Attorney must complete a form outlining the student’s substantive legal duties in detail and listing the Onsite Supervising Attorney’s contact information.


Students should be assigned the same kind of work as a paid law clerk or entry-level law associate/staff attorney with administrative work being kept to a minimum. The assignments should have clear deadlines, and the students should receive on-going guidance for managing the workload. Students should also be provided with specific, individualized and timely feedback on each assignment.

Weekly Time Sheets

A student enrolled in the General Externship Program will be required to work a total of 100 hours at the placement site over the course of the semester or summer session, whichever is applicable. Time sheets must be completed by the student on a weekly basis and signed by the Onsite Supervising Attorney to verify the hourly requirement has been met.

Onsite Supervising Attorney Evaluations

The Onsite Supervising Attorney must complete written mid-term and end-of-term evaluations of the student’s performance.