IP Testimonials

NCCU Law IP Scholar

Enisha Smith ’19

My name is Enisha Smith, and I am a 2019 graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law (NCCU Law). During my time at NCCU Law, I developed an interest in patent law. Now I am pursuing an electrical engineering degree at North Carolina A&T State University and intend to sit for the USPTO patent bar in 2020.

After completing my first year of law school, I gained an interest in intellectual property law and reached out to Professor Afshar, Director of the NCCU IP Clinic, and Supervising Attorney for the Patent Services. I spoke with her over the phone and she encouraged me to try the patent clinic. Although I had zero experience in patent law and was very unfamiliar with this area of law, I decided to try the patent clinic for a semester. I enjoyed meeting new business owners and seeing their passion for their new, distinct inventions. But what I enjoyed most about working in the patent clinic was Professor Afshar’s patience and eagerness to teach. Her passion and love for this area of law intrigued me, and I was eager to learn everything I could about patent law. After completing my first semester within the patent clinic, I decided to continue into the second semester,

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