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Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018

What are major causes of the of the racial wealth gap between black and households.

Professor Irving L. Joyner

Professor Irving L. Joyner

Historically, the wealth gap began with slavery, but became more pronounced and widespread during the long-term era of de jure and de facto segregation and racial discrimination. This discrimination prohibited meaningful participation by African Americans in politics, business, housing and education and was practiced by individuals, corporations and our state and federal government. The effect of the many discriminatory practices, racial bigotry and racial violence prevented the early accumulation and long-term distribution of wealth by African Americans. As such, present day generations of African Americans were forced to begin their economic life at a sufficient economic deficit, which they had to repeatedly dig out of without having the necessary capital or financial literacy to do so. White households and whites, in general, have never had to confront this prolonged and passionate level of discrimination and racial bias in politics, business, economics, housing and education.  Read more…

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(What are major causes of the of the racial wealth gap between black and households)