Since 2010, NCCU School of Law has been at the forefront of Virtual Legal Education with the launch of its Virtual Justice Project. The Virtual Justice Project is an innovation in legal education and technology. Initially funded in 2010 with a BTOP (Broadband Technology Opportunity Program) Grant, NCCU School of Law pioneered this approach to address the under-representation of African American lawyers and a lack of access to justice for low income and marginalized communities.

When we look at the age we live in, many of our day to day task require the use of a computer and a connection to the internet. However, many people do not have access to a computer or the internet, creating a digital divide. When it comes to the legal system, this digital divide can cause one to be disadvantaged and uninformed. This is where the Virtual Justice Project steps in.

The Virtual Justice Project works in two ways. First, by providing access to technology needed in the digital age to site locations for telecommunication. Second, by providing access to programming and events to our sites. This programming includes our Virtual Pre-Law Courses and the Know Your Rights Series. The Virtual Pre-Law Courses prepare students, wherever they are, for the rigor of law school. The Know Your Rights Series offers legal information sessions that empower participants to understand the law and promote self-advocacy. Both the pre-law courses and the legal information sessions are made possible through Telepresence and High Definition videoconferencing.


The Virtual Justice project is on a mission to connect all 100 counties in North Carolina together via telepresence. We’re partnering with all organizations from libraries, churches, legal aid clinics, and colleges. See our Current Sites page to find a site near you.