Virtual Prep Courses

BASICS OF LEGAL WRITING (Political Science 2130)
Credit Hours: 3

Professor: Jamie Wilkerson


Course Description:

This upper-level course will introduce the rigors of legal writing to undergraduate and graduate students.  The course will give students practical knowledge of the skill set required to successfully apply to and matriculate through law school.  The process involves the integration of grammar and mechanics and the technical aspects of legal writing—the result being that students will have a more realistic view of the writing utilized in the legal profession.  In an effort to illustrate the connectivity of fundamental writing skills to legal writing, the course will move the students through completing a LSAT writing sample, writing a personal statement for a law school application, and thereafter, completing some first-year law school legal writing assignments, while emphasizing the importance of proper grammar and mechanics.

Class Times
Section 1 – Monday / Wednesday 9:00am – 10:15am
(*) Section 2-  Tuesday / Thursday 11: 35am – 12:50pm
Section 3 – Monday / Wednesday 1:30pm – 2:45pm
Section 4 – Monday / Wednesday 5:00pm – 6:15pm

(English 3010)
Credit Hours: 3

Professor: Jamie Wilkerson

Course Description:
This upper-level course provides an overview of the substantive courses covered in the first year of law school. The introductory materials will focus on the meaning of law; sources of law and the structure of the American legal system. The remainder of the course will introduce students to legal principles from the five basic courses covered in the first year of law school: Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Property. Students will write an objective memorandum that mirrors such assignments from first-year law courses.  The course will conclude with oral arguments, a review and discussion of materials on the ethical and professional responsibility of lawyers, and a final exam

Class Times
(*) Section 3 – Tuesday / Thursday 2:30pm  – 3:45pm

Both classes will be taught online.  Though students need not be in a particular classroom together during class time, they must all be connected to the internet and logged on at the same time. Each class is interactive and students will have an opportunity to engage with their colleagues and professor.

Classes will be held at designated campus ( ECSU, FSU, NCAT, NCCU, WSSU) Students attending a MEMBER SCHOOL may register at

Undergraduate fees per credit hour:

Resident: $133.94       Non-resident: $491.14



In order to participate in any NCCU Law Distance Education Course, students MUST possess the following equipment:

  1. A desktop or laptop computer with webcam. Computers MUST have broadband connection with minimum speeds of 768kbs, upload and download capability. Wireless connections are not recommended.
  2. All students must download the appropriate Polycom CMA desktop application
    software for Mac or PCs.
  3. Click on this link for CMA desktop software: Instructions: Download Instructions PC: Download CMA Software for the PC  Mac: Download CMA Software for the Mac
  4. All students are responsible for obtaining their log-in credentials through the
    MyLaw intranet portal. ( If you do not have a MyLaw login, please contact Edward Brown at
  5. All students are required to test their connection prior to the beginning of the course. You may schedule your connectivity test up to 2 weeks before the start of class. Click on the link to schedule a test: Schedule Computer Test.
  6. Students who do not establish satisfactory connectivity for the course will not be  allowed to participate in the program.
  7. All students are required to attend the MANDATORY ORIENTATION SESSION. The date of the session will be posted prior to the start of the course.
  8. All students are required to review the Netiquette video. The video offers a quick review of expectations for classroom attendance, behavior, dress code; etc. review video
       (Please print and complete the attached form to register.)