Updated North Carolina Resources and New Library Resources

Posted on Thursday, July 5, 2012

This month the Law Library has updated several North Carolina specific resources and added many other new resources to its collection.  Three of these resources are designed to help students and practitioners alike with the intricacies of North Carolina criminal law and practice.

  • Maitri “Mike” Klinkosum, North Carolina Criminal Defense Motions Manual (2nd ed. 2012).

Designed to help practitioners navigate motions practice in criminal court, this resource provides an overview of motions practice in North Carolina.  It also outlines common types of motions filed by defense attorneys and provides easy access to guides and forms to help determine what motions to file and what resources to use during litigation.

  • 2 Julie Ramseur Lewis & John Rubin, North Carolina Defender Manual: Trial (2nd ed. 2012).

This volume of the North Carolina Indigent Defense Manual Series provides public defenders and appointed counsel with comprehensive and up-to-date reference materials pertinent to trials including information about the personal rights of defendants, duties and conduct of judges, conducting opening and closing statements, and more.  It also provides readers with performance guidelines for indigent defense representation.

  • Jessica Smith, North Carolina Crimes: A Guidebook on the Elements of Crime (7th ed. 2012).

When readers need assistance advising clients about charges, determining if a crime has been committed, or even trying a case North Carolina Crimes has been a familiar resource. This popular title has been updated for readers to include new offenses, case law, and changes in the law specific to North Carolina.  Readers can also use it to locate pertinent case law and information about multiple convictions, punishment, defenses, and more.

For more information about new titles added to the Law Library’s collection, visit the New Acquisitions page at http://law.nccu.edu/library/new-acquisitions/.