ExamSoft Installation


  1. Login to ExamSoft at http://www.examsoft.com/ncculaw
    (you should have received a notice from the ExamSoft/SofTest administrator with your Student ID and Password).
  2. Click into the Exams Takers [Student ID] box.
    • type your Student ID
    • type your password in the [Password] box
    • Click [Login]
  3. On the Account Info screen click [Download SofTest]
    Click [Save] NOT [Run] (pay attention to where the softest_installer file is being saved).
  4. After the file has been downloaded to your computer.  Locate the file.
    Double-click the SofTest_installer file to begin the installation process.
  5. Click Run and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.
  6. If prompted allow your computer to Restart.
  7. Once your computer re-boots and the Register SofTest dialog box appears, enter your [Student ID and Password].  Please note that an internet connection is required to complete this process.
  8. If prompted for Institution ID type [ncculaw]
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Yes.
  11. Click [Download Examfiles] and enter your [Student ID and Password] (if prompted).
  12. Click the Mock_Exam.
  13. Click download.
  14. Click OK on the Successful download.
  15. Click Close.
  16. Click Exit.
  17. Your download and installation process is complete.
  18. You should take advantage of this time to practice by performing several practice exams.


Watch the Demo


Any Questions?

Contact: Edward Brown
Office: 919-530-6609
Email: ebrown@nccu.edu

ExamSoft Updates

ExamSoft Worldwide releases a SofTest update every year on August 31st.
Contact: ExamSoft Client Support
Phone: 866-429-8889
Email: support@examsoft.com