The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Review, invites you to this year’s 10th Annual Symposium! It will take place at the NC Biotechnology Center on January 29, 2016 at 9 am. Topics will be presented from members of the NC General Assembly, CEO’s and colleagues.  It is sure to be an exciting event! Please see the flyer below.  Click here for details, including how to purchase tickets.

A brief description of the presentations/panels is provided below. We hope to see you there and please spread the word!


Aesthetics and the Consumer

Presented by Joseph Barry, Associate General Counsel at Merz North America

As consumers continue to use products to enhance their aesthetics, drug companies continue to research various drugs to bring to the consumer. Associate General Counsel Joseph Barry will speak about how Merz North America has worked to bring a variety of drugs to the market for consumers. He will speak about the legal process of getting aesthetics drugs approved, the ethics behind deciding what drugs to make, and the ramifications that the company has faced.

The State of Medicinal Marijuana in North Carolina

Presented by North Carolina Representatives Becky Carney, Pat McElraft, and Maria Avila

As a growing number of states have passed legislation allowing the use of recreational and/or medicinal marijuana, this panel will speak about the current state in North Carolina. The primary sponsors of HB 766 “Amend CBD Oil Statute,” in the North Carolina House of Representatives, will discuss the current state of medicinal marijuana and its byproducts such as CBD oil and where it may be headed. In addition, the panelists will speak about other bills that have been proposed in the past regarding marijuana.

Development of Better Crops for the Agricultural and Biofuels Market: Challenges of Food Security, Climate Change, Energy Scarcity and the Effect on Consumers

Presented by Doug Eisner, CEO of PleX Diagnostics and Walter Lasik Technology

As the former CEO of GrassRoots Biotechnology, which was acquired in 2013 by Monsanto, Doug Eisner will speak about the challenges that the United States and countries around the world are facing with the development of crops. GrassRoots developed “promoters” which help determine when and where a genetic trait is expressed within a plant with the overall goal of enabling crops to increase yields. With the market being dominated by six large, multinational seed companies, GrassRoots sought grants and funding to advance their research. Eisner will also speak about the transition from being a District Attorney to the CEO of his own company.

*Please note: Application for 4 hours of CLE credit has been submitted to the North Carolina State Bar.

A flyer is attached for more information. We hope to see you there!

Kind Regards,

Tracy Wright, Selby Lo and the BPLR​