North Carolina Central University School of Law is one of the most racially diverse law schools in the country. We take pride in our diversity, and in fact, our motto is “Celebrating Diversity – Advancing Justice.” In the spirit of diversity and equal justice for all, the North Carolina Central Law Review focuses on Constitutional issues, primarily civil rights, equal protection, due process and other new or evolving areas of law facing our nation’s minorities. In addition, the Law Review regularly publishes works on topics which are of interest to and affect practitioners in North Carolina.

The Law Review invites submissions of unsolicited manuscripts, in duplicate, typed, double spaced, with footnotes. At the time of submission, please inform us which software package was used in printing the work. Authors whose works are accepted for publication will be asked to submit their work on a CDR. We regret that unsolicited manuscripts cannot be returned unless accompanied by sufficient postage.

“Manuscripts may be submitted to the North Carolina Central Law Review Articles Editor. Please send manuscripts to the North Carolina Central Law Review, School of Law, North Carolina Central University, 640 Nelson Street, Durham, NC, 27707.  Manuscripts may also be emailed to

For additional information, call 919-530-5302 or email