Career Advice Information

The Career Services Office (CSO) is pleased to assist our alumni contemplating a job change or seeking employment. We welcome inquiries from graduates and hope you will contact us if we can assist you. Please feel free to schedule an appointment to meet or speak with one of our counselors by calling Stephanie Troy Williams, Career Services Manager, at 919-530-7701.

Our alumni have access to the following services:

Job Postings (through Symplicity)
Updated regularly, the job listings include openings we receive directly from employers and vacancies from selected legal newspapers, periodicals, job newsletters, and other websites.  Please contact our office if you need a Symplicity account.

Individual Consultations
Our counselors are available to meet in person or to speak with graduates by phone or by email. We are happy to discuss resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing tips, online and print library career resources, job search strategies, networking and informational interviewing, and any other issues of interest to graduates. To contact a member of our staff click here.

Job Search Links
You can find many links to online job search resources, including Westlaw, LexisNexis and the ABA, here.

CSO Reciprocity
If you’re trying to re-establish yourself in a new jurisdiction after a move or the relocation of a spouse/significant other you may be granted access to the resources and services of the law schools in your new location.  Some law schools, through a process called reciprocity, permit graduates of other law schools to visit their career services offices and/or to subscribe to their graduate job newsletters.

Please note reciprocity is only available during certain times of the year and may be difficult to obtain in major metropolitan areas.  Additionally, most schools will require a formal request from our office on your behalf. To request reciprocity, please contact Stephanie Troy Williams, Career Services Manager, at 919-530-7701.

Changing Jurisdictions
If you find that life or your career takes you to a jurisdiction other than North Carolina, you may not have to take another bar exam to receive your license to practice in your new jurisdiction.  Each jurisdiction refers to the practice of admission without examination differently.  Some jurisdictions use “admission on motion” or “admission without exam” while others use the terms “reciprocity” or “comity.” Each jurisdiction will have different rules and requirements for the admission of attorneys without examination.  Please review the rules of the jurisdiction carefully.

The website of the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners currently states that “…[e]ffective December 1, 2009, to the best of our information, the following jurisdictions have reciprocity with North Carolina (subject to change)…”