New Library Titles for May

Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Law Library has added more great resources to its collection!  Faculty, students and staff can find new materials covering all areas of the legal environment – from the history of copyright in Hollywood to resources for drafting a social media policy.  Two new resources you may want to check out are detailed below.

  • Peter Decherney, Hollywood’s Copyright Wars: From Edison to the Internet (2012).  

Peter Decherney chronicles the history of intellectual property in Hollywood and discusses how it has not always mirrored the evolution of the law.  Decherney also discusses Hollywood’s reliance on self-regulation over landmark court decisions and how this has impacted American media and culture.

  • Paul D. McGrady, McGrady on Social Media (2011).

McGrady on Social Media provides researchers with a framework for understanding important questions in this rapidly-evolving area of law.  It also covers the impact of various laws on social media, such as copyright and communications, to aid in the creation of social media policies that will be practical and applicable in today’s rapidly changing social media environment.

For more information about new titles added to the Law Library’s collection, check out the New Acquisitions page at