New Library Titles about Privacy Rights and Emerging Technologies

Posted on Monday, April 9, 2012

Are you interested in privacy rights and how they may be altered by new technologies?  If so, perhaps these new titles in the Law Library’s collection may be of interest to you.

  • Nancy Yue Liu, Bio-Privacy: Privacy Regulations and the Challenges of Biometrics (2012).

Bio-Privacy provides readers with an in-depth look into legal issues created by the use of biometric technology and the protection of privacy.  Topics explored in this book include what privacy issues exist when using biometrics, how these issues are dealt with under our current laws, whether or not current laws are satisfactory, and what are the best ways to deal with the legal implications of biometrics.

  • North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Bytes, Blood, & Privacy: Emerging Technologies, Constitutional Rights and the Courts (2011).

This North Carolina Bar Association CLE introduces readers to new technologies being used in North Carolina investigations and courtrooms, DNA technologies and privacy interests under North Carolina Law, issues surrounding texting and emails under the Stored Communications Act of 1986, and ethical issues associated with social media.

If you aren’t interested in privacy rights or emerging technologies, you may be interested in some of the other great new titles recently added to the Law Library’s collection.  For example, those of you interested in land use issues may want to check out At the Cutting Edge: Land Use Law.  This American Bar Association publication covers ethics rules and land use, the regulation of cellular towers, the promotion of green transportation choices, public use doctrine, and many other issues of importance to practitioners and students alike.

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