New Legal Writing Resources at the Law Library

Posted on Friday, March 22, 2013

The ability to write well is an important tool in every law student and lawyer’s toolbox.  This month the Law Library has added two new resources to assist law students with their legal writing skills.

  • Jessica L. Clark & Kristen E. Murray, Scholarly Writing: Ideas, Examples, and Execution (2012).

Targeted specifically at law students and beginning professionals, this legal writing resource takes a practical approach to legal writing.  It strives to guide students through the entire process of writing legal research papers – from choosing a topic to polishing a final draft.  It also provides students with examples of papers with annotations to assist them with developing their writing skills.

  • Rachel H. Smith, The Legal Writing Survival Guide (2012).

This short and practical resource is designed to be a how-to survival guide for writers developing their predictive writing, persuasive writing, and correspondence skills by offering practical tips, tricks, and tactics.  The author also provides examples to assist writers with avoiding common grammar, punctuation, citation, and style errors.

These new resources are just a few of the legal writing resources in the Law Library.  To learn more about legal writing resources, please see a reference librarian.  For more information about new titles added to the Law Library’s collection, visit the New Acquisitions page at: