NCCU Law Library’s Fasset Collection

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2012

The John D. Fassett Collection is one of the Law Library’s newest acquisitions. The Law Library has asked guest blogger Tracy Moore to discuss this important new resource.

The Law Library has the distinct privilege of having the John D. Fassett Collection. The Fassett Collection is a comprehensive collection of writing by and about Supreme Court Justices and the workings of the Court.

The fascination with the Supreme Court and its Justices tend to increase when controversial legislation has to be decided or when there is a new appointee to the bench.  However, the magnitude of the rulings of the Court, when in session, has far-reaching effects on everyday life.

As NCCU Law students, we should be particularly excited about the collection because of the wide variety of works that could assist us in our course work.  Courses such as Constitutional Law I, II and the Supreme Court Seminar are just a few courses that encourage supplemental reading from outside sources.

In addition to the collection, Mr. Fassett also donated memorabilia from his term on the court and items related to Brown v. Board of Education. Some of this memorabilia along with a video presentation about the collection are on display in the breezeway on the first floor of the Law School.

Many thanks to Tracy Moore for her discussion of the John D. Fassett Collection. The Fassett Collection is located in the northeast corner on the second floor of the Law Library.