NCCU Law Reaches the Semifinals in the ABA Section of Litigation Good Works Competition

Posted on Sunday, May 1, 2011

A group of North Carolina Central University School of Law students have been selected as semifinalists in the American Bar Association Section of Litigation Good Works Law Student Competition.

Rising 2L NCCU Law students Joshua Byrd and Brandi Bullock are the leaders of this team of students. The group is entirely comprised of rising 2L students including Philip Cary, Myles Fleming, Dendrick Gamble, Lanika George, MeChel Morrow, and Tracy Moore. They are supervised by Attorney Mark Trustin and have support from the NCCU Law Clinical Program and I.T./F.M. Department.

The law students had to submit a proposal describing a public service project that can be implemented in the community. Projects had to involve some aspect of litigation, the justice system or the Rule of Law. The ABA will award the winner $10,000 of seed money to implement the proposal and the opportunity to work with practicing lawyers to create and lead the project.

The project is called the Parent/Lawyer Connection. The project focuses on long-term suspension hearings in the North Carolina Public School System. The goal is to create the best outcome for the students and the school system. First, the law students will help parents and students understand their rights in long-term suspension hearings by providing access to information so that they are not intimidated by the long-term hearing process. Second, law students will pair parents and students with attorneys that will represent them in the process. Third, law students will export those services to Cumberland County by providing legal research to attorneys that provide Pro Bono services to parents and students via the Virtual Learning Classroom at NCCU. Fourth, the law students will attempt to prevent long-term suspensions by working with the administration at local schools to find alternative solutions to suspensions for students.