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Laura S. Shepherd Brooks

Associate Dean for Student Services

919-530-6843| Email | Profile

Gregory W. Clinton Sr.

Director of IT / Facilities

919-530-7174| Email | Profile

Michelle S. Cofield

Assistant Dean for Career Services

919-530-6510 | Email | Profile

Phyliss Craig-Taylor

Dean & Professor of Law

919-530-6112 | Email | Profile

Ronald S. Douglas

Assistant Dean for Scholarships & Financial Aid

919-530-6365 | Email | Profile

Angela Gilmore

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Law

919-530-5482 | Email | Profile

Pamela S. Glean

Assistant Dean for Clinical/Professional Skills & Associate Clinical Professor of Law

919-530-5253 | Email | Profile

Ratna Jena

Assistant Director of Fiscal Affairs

919-530-5401 | Email

Adrienne L. Meddock

Assistant Dean for the Evening Program

919-530-5249 | Email | Profile

Theodore Meyers

Director of Development

Lisa G. Morgan

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

919-530-6115 | Email | Profile

Michelle S. Roberts

Executive Assistant to Dean Phyliss Craig-Taylor

919-530-6773 | Email

Tamara Talmadge

Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

919-530-6525 | Email

Frank A. Toliver, Jr.

Associate Dean of Finance & Administration

919-530-6506 | Email | Profile

Fred J. Williams

Director of Clinical Programs and Associate Professor of Law

919-530-7817 | Email | Profile

Stephanie B. Williams

Assistant Dean of Admissions

919-530-6517 | Email | Profile