Jessica K. Jameson

Dispute Resolution Institute Instructor


Ph. D., Temple University


Dr. Jessica Katz Jameson is Associate Head and Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at North Carolina State University, where she teaches courses in organizational communication, conflict management, and nonprofit leadership. Her graduate seminars include organizational communication and organizational conflict management.

Dr. Jameson is also a member of the faculty for the Ph.D. in Communication Rhetoric and Digital Media. She has had mediation training through CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado and currently mediates for the employee mediation program at N.C. State. She has also assisted with mediation training for university administrators and public officials. Other professional activities include workshops on conflict management and the facilitation of organizational planning sessions.

Dr. Jameson has published articles on topics including mediation, managerial third-party intervention, dispute system design, and health communication in journals such as Negotiation Journal, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, and the International Journal for Conflict Management.

Contact information

Phone: 919-515-9737