Small Business

The Small Business and Community Development Clinic (Small Business Clinic) was established in the spring of 2001. The goal of the Small Business Clinic is to sensitize law students to the need for approaching the representation of small businesses with a broad focus. The Small Business Clinic is a one-semester program that allows students to work with small businesses located primarily in the Triangle area though businesses in other areas of North Carolina are more than welcome to seek assistance. In conjunction with a classroom component, which focuses on small business law and regulations, students are paired with at least two clients during the semester. Students generally work on two or three issues per client.

The Small Business Clinic partners with the Small Business Technology and Development Center (SBTDC),, a business development organization with a satellite office located in the School of Business on North Carolina Central University’s campus. The Clinic clients consist of businesses that the SBTDC refers to the Clinic as well as self-referrals that meet our clinical requirements. Clients usually require assistance on a wide array of legal issues that may include regulatory requirements, employment law issues, tax matters, and other state and federal mandates. The students provide guidance on how the businesses may respond to an issue. Students also strive to help the client plan for future contingencies as they relate to the client’s business goals.

By participating in the program, students will improve and develop their interviewing, communication, analytical, legal research and writing skills. Students also experience how legal doctrines learned in the classroom operate in the business world and reflect upon and discuss issues relating to attorneys and the practice of law. The Clinic has provided assistance to a number of diverse businesses within and without the Triangle area.

Contact Information

Potential Clients: If you need legal assistance, please contact the Legal Clinic at 919-530-7166.