Students who wish to participate in a Clinic program (with the exception of the ADR Clinic) must be certified by the North Carolina State Bar pursuant to Subchapter C, Section .0200, Rules Governing Practical Training of Law Students.  The certification process is completed as follows:

  • The student should complete and return the forms (including the supervising attorney’s letter for externs) to the Legal Clinic Office Manager.  Any failure to return the packet in a timely manner will delay certification and hinder students’ ability to fulfill their responsibilities in assigned cases.
  • The Clinic will document the certification application, submit it to the Dean’s Office for certification, and submit the completed packet directly to the State Bar.  Students should not obtain the Dean’s certification themselves, but should allow the Clinic to do so.
  • The Office Manager oversees all files related to student certification by the North Carolina State Bar.  The Clinic will maintain copies of the completed certification packet for each intern or extern participating in a clinical course.

Third Year Practice Rule Certification Packet – Instructions 2012- 2013

Third Year Practice Certification Packet 2012-13 Fillable PDF