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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

IPLI – Goals

1. Practical training of law students for the Intellectual Property law practice, including substantive and clinical courses.

2. The IPLI will provide legal representation to the      public for protecting their creative works and innovations.

3. The Center will also provide advanced training for law graduates looking to refresh their skills for the demands of the new economy; in the form of continuing legal education seminars, symposia, and publications.
4.The IPLI will foster inter university collaborations between the business, arts and sciences and law school to maximize the intellectual property output of the university community.

5. The IPLI will provide training for established professionals in the arts and sciences in the university and the public communities to establish specialized training and protection for IP assets.
6. The IPLI will seek substantial fundraising opportunities to establish a firm footing within the state wide public educational system.