File it Yourself

File It Yourself! -Custody Information and Documentation

YOU CAN file it yourself!

Are you are single parent? Are you a grandparent, other relative or friend of the biological parent of a child that lives with you?  If not, you should have one. Help your child have a stress free childhood.  The File It Yourself Clinic! (FIYC) assists you with the preparation of the necessary documentation needed to obtain a custody order to help prevent those unexpected custody dilemmas. Once you have properly filed the necessary documentation with the court, you would have initiated a lawsuit pro se (yourself).  The lawsuit will provide you with access to a free custody mediator who will help you to attempt to resolve your issues without going to court, and who may eliminate your need for an attorney and provide you with a court order to protect your custody/visitation rights. 

We Now Offer Three Different Options!

Option One: File It Yourself Custody! Packet (Packet) Only:

This packet is designed for those who need the assistance of the court to resolve their custody or visitation problems, but cannot afford an attorney.  The cost of the packet is $20.00.  The packet is available for purchase every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at NCCU School of Law Legal Clinic, 640 Nelson Street, Durham, NC 27707. No appointment is necessary to pick up the packet.  We only accept cash or money orders.

Option Two: File It Yourself! Consultation (Bundle Services):

This Bundled Services option includes:

  1. The File It Yourself Custody Packet;
  2. Individual assistance from an attorney, paralegal and/or law student with the completion of the custody packet forms;
  3. Free notarization of all forms needed for filing the action; and
  4. Three free additional copies that will be needed at the time of filing the action with the court.

The File It Yourself! Consultation (Bundle Services) is by appointments only.  To schedule an appointment please call NCCU School of Law Legal Clinic at 919-530-6616.  The price of the consultation is $50.00.  Please bring cash or money order.

Option Three: File It Yourself! Clinic (Custody Packet Information Session):

The Family Law Clinic at North Carolina Central University School of Law also sponsors a File It Yourself Clinic -FIYC.  The FIYC is a monthly informational session held in Durham, North Carolina that provides a basic overview of family law as it relates to child custody/visitation and general assistance with the File It Yourself Custody Packet. Please note that individual assistance with the packet is not available during this clinic. The actual packet may be purchased before attending the actual clinic. See option one above for the days and times of when the packets are sold or the packet may be purchased on site.  If you will be purchasing the packet on site we would ask that you arrive 30 minutes early.

Location of the File It Yourself! Clinic:   The File It Yourself Clinic (FIYC) takes place once per month from September until the following May. The location of the FIYC is Legal Aid of North Carolina-Durham, North Carolina, located at 201 West Main Street, 4th Floor, Durham, North Carolina, 27701. The FIYC begins at 3 p.m. and normally ends at 5 p.m. Currently there are no clinics scheduled for Wake County.   Registration is not required to attend the File It Yourself! Clinic.  For more information please call 919-530-7169.

Contact Information

Supervising Attorney: Nakia C. Davis
Clinic Location: 201 West Main Street, 4th Floor, Durham, N.C. 27701
Telephone: 919-530-6615