Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors Functions

The purpose of the Board shall be to support and enhance the present and future programs of the School of Law. The Board may advise the Dean and Faculty on aspects of the institution’s educational aspirations; assist in interpreting the mission of the School of Law to the general public and to specific publics with which each member is associated in his/her professional life; and, as individuals, serve as “goodwill ambassadors” for the School of Law.

Board of Visitors Members
Atiba Adams ’96
Charles Blackmon ’88
Danielle Tuohey Bennett ’99
Donna Douglas ’84
Dorothy C. Bernholz ’75
Herbert L. Richardson ’76
Jay J. Chaudhuri ’99
Leonard T. Jernigan, Jr. ’76
Lisa H. Wilks ’96
Lowell L. Siler ’79
Mark D. Locklear ’96
N. King Prather ’97
Nathan T. Garrett ’86
Pamela Thorpe Young ’85
Wanda G. Bryant ’82
William T. Wilson ’76