North Carolina Central University School of Law requires that applicants submit two (2) written recommendations through LSAC’s Letter of Recommendation Service.  It is important that the persons chosen to write the recommendations be able to comment honestly about the applicant’s ability to do well in law school and in the legal profession upon graduation.  Please ask the authors to provide substantive information with comments about all the following areas:

  • Intelligence/Reasoning Ability
  • Individuality of Thought/Creativity
  • Initiative/Motivation
  • Judgment/Maturity
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Integrity
  • Leadership Ability
  • Analytical abilities
  • Academic achievements
  • Unique talents
  • Community involvement

Credential Assembly Service (CAS) reports will not be considered complete without two (2) recommendations.

All recommendations must be received or processed by LSAC as received on or before the Application Deadline of the year of anticipated enrollment.

A helpful recommendation can address your written and oral communication skills.  Generally, academic contacts know your written or oral communication abilities.   An unhelpful recommendation is one that comments generally on an applicant’s character and demeanor.

The Law School requires applicants to utilize LSAC’s Letter of Recommendation Service. To use this service, follow the directions for submitting letters of recommendation outlined on LSAC’s website.