Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Institute

The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Institute, through its multidisciplinary approach in teaching, research and publications, has been established as a center of excellence in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical law. The Institute’s mission is to make substantial contributions to the development of global biotechnology and pharmaceutical law and to the investigation and examination of contemporary issues in U.S. regulatory affairs.

The institute has four major research areas: Biotechnology and Patent Law, Pharmaceutical Regulation, Bioethics and Technology Transfer. By identifying specific research areas the institute will remain focused and effective and the scope will not exceed the resources and capacity of the university. The institute is expected to bring notoriety and acclaim to the law school and the university. The audience for this institute is composed of primarily lawyers and law students. The institute hosts seminars and workshops in areas related to this industry.

Contact Information

Director:  Kimberly Cogdell Boies
Coordinator: Arminta Foushee
Telephone: 919-530-6505
Fax: 919-530-6339