A Research Assistant’s Perspective on Working in the Law Library

Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2012

This summer, the Law Library has been fortunate to have student workers help with various projects. Tracy Moore, one of our student workers, has taken some time to tell about her Law Library experience as a Research Assistant for the Law Library:

“My summer experience working with the Law Library staff has been in a word – Fascinating!

Research is an immense apart of what I do.  The faculty projects that I’ve been able to research are current, relevant, and very interesting.  The research is invigorating and has reminded me of why I entered the legal field in the first place – to learn about the many complexities of the law.  As a rising 3L, I’m finding that the more knowledge and information I acquire, the more I have to learn.

Legal research can be very challenging. It can take a great deal of patience finding the answer to a complicated legal question.  Fortunately, the Law Librarians were available to help with me navigate the research. I never felt overwhelmed by my tasks, and I could always go to the Law Librarians with any questions.

One more highlight of my time working in the library is the amount of freely available and comprehensive resources that I discovered  while completing searches and other assignments.  Legal resources can be extremely costly, so I feel like I have an advantage by being able to find information that might cost thousands of dollars using a more expensive database or research platforms.

For those law students who may be interested in legal research or libraries, I definitely recommend working at the Law Library!”

Many thanks to Ms. Moore, and all of our student workers and volunteers, for all of their help this summer.