The Biopharmaceutical Law Review Holds it’s 10th Annual Symposium

Posted on Friday, February 12, 2016

This year’s, the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Review (“BPLR”) presented its 10th Annual Spring Symposium at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Tracy Wright and Selby Lo, BPLR’s co-symposium editors organized a panel which included topics on Aesthetic pharmaceuticals, Medicinal Marijuana in North Carolina, Development of Better Crops for the Agricultural and Biofuels Market: Challenges of Food Security, Climate Change, Energy Scarcity and the Effect on Consumers, and Ethics. The panelists included: Joe Barry, Assistant General Counsel of Merz North America, N.C Representative Marilyn Avila, Professor Shelly DeAdder, Professor Victor Boone, Senior Manager Attorney (Raleigh Office)/Triangle Regional Manager, Legal Aid of North Carolina, Inc., Doug Eisner, former CEO of Grassroots Biotechnology, and Scott Uknes, CEO of AgBiome. During the symposium, the BPLR was also proud to present Mr. George McGregor, the law review’s first editor-in-chief with a token of appreciation for his constant support. It was a great day filled with informative presentations and intellectual conversation. We thank our panelists, sponsors, attendees, and North Carolina Central University School of Law’s very own Mrs. Arminta Foushee, Professor Kimberly Cogdell and Dean Michelle Cofield for their support.